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5 March 2009


M/A-COM launches 1mm x 1mm low-voltage SPDT switch for mobile wireless up to 6GHz

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc of Lowell, MA, USA, a provider of microwave and RF design solutions and products, has introduced a low-cost, RoHS-compliant, SPDT switch in a miniature 1mm x 1mm six-lead PDFN package, suited for applications where low control voltage, low insertion loss, moderate isolation, and small size are required.

The MASW-009444 demonstrates the M/A-COM’s continued support of customers with lower control voltage and smaller outline products for mobile wireless applications, says product manager Dave Folding. “This new switch is designed to exceed the needs of our handset customers, while providing competitive prices for cost-sensitive and space-constrained applications.”

The MASW-009444 is intended for RF switching applications with low control voltage requirements (down to 1.6V) such as handset filter switching, but can also be used in most systems operating at frequencies of up to 6GHz and requiring high power at low control voltage. Typical insertion loss at 1-2GHz is 0.3dB with an isolation of 23dB, and P1dB of 15dBm. The new product is fabricated using M/A-COM’s GaAs PHEMT process and features full passivation for increased reliability.

The MASW-009444 is priced at $0.15 for quantities of 100,000.

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