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24 March 2009


Mintera ships 1000 th 40Gb/s DWDM Adaptive-DPSK module

Mintera Corp of Acton, MA, USA, which makes high-bit-rate optical transport sub-systems, says that it has shipped its 1000 th 40Gb/s DWDM DPSK MSA transceiver module. The firm’s MI 4000XM Adaptive-DPSK product comes in a standard 300-pin package.

“Acceptance of the benefits of our Adaptive-DPSK technology has been universal and demonstrates Mintera’s leadership in supplying key building blocks for the high-bit-rate optical transport market,” claims president & CEO Terry Unter. “By packaging our solution into an industry-standard format we have won 11 customers to-date, a rate of almost one per month since we introduced the product,” he adds. “Achieving volume shipments in such a short timeframe demonstrates the robustness of our product along with the high level of customer satisfaction and market-need for the MI 4000XM. We have also completed full GR-468 qualification.”

The patent-pending Adaptive-DPSK technology incorporated in the MI 4000XM DWDM module enables 40Gb/s transport on 50GHz channel-spaced systems and transmission over agile reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (ROADM) networks without compromising critical ultra-long-haul (ULH) reach. The unit conforms to the industry-standard footprint and incorporates an electrical mux/demux for compatibility with any 40Gb/s framer. The module has a 300-pin MSA connector with support for the appropriate I2C commands, enabling simple hardware and software integration.

In January, Mintera announced an Enhanced-DQPSK module available in a standard 300-pin package. The MI 5000XM, which is claimed to be the industry’s first Enhanced-DQPSK MSA module, delivers high polarization mode dispersion ( PMD) tolerance, high launch power tolerance, ROADM support ,and ULH reach. Incorporating elements of the firm’s Adaptive-DPSK technology, the MI 5000XM can support channel spacing as small as 25GHz. Its modulation format also incorporates an enhancement to enable higher channel launch powers, resulting in increased transmission reach and greater system design flexibility, it is claimed.

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