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29 May 2009


IXYS expands 600V IGBT range with co-packaged SiC diode

IXYS Corp of Milpitas, CA, USA and Biel, Switzerland has expanded its family of 600V GenX3 insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) to include a range with silicon carbide (SiC) co-pack diodes. For demanding applications like solar inverters and switch mode power supplies, the combination of the GenX3 IGBT and the extremely fast SiC diode creates a solution for applications where efficiency is the main design requirement, the firm says.

The GenX3 platform is manufactured using IXYS’ robust HDMOS IGBT process and is optimized in two speed classes. Both take advantage of IXYS’ proven punch-through (PT) technology, which includes lower saturation voltage and lower energy losses, offering a viable option for improved switching applications in the 600V range.

The B3 range of GenX3 IGBTs is optimized for 20kHz hard switching applications, and the SiC diode combination will be essential for efficiency-critical applications at mid-range frequencies such as solar inverters, says IXYS. The C3 range of GenX3 IGBTs extends the range to higher frequencies and can facilitate what is claimed to be the fastest-switching IGBT on the market.

The devices are co-packed with high-performance, ultra-fast SiC diodes, which offer minimal switching losses due to the absence of reverse recovery charge (Qrr) in wide-bandgap technology, further extending the switching frequency limits of the IGBT. The square reverse bias safe operating area (RBSOA) featured in the 600V GenX3 IGBT improves the maximum clamped inductive load current, allowing the device to safely operate in snubberless, hard switching applications.

Products are offered in standard packages (TO-220 to TO-247) with collector current ratings of 30-60A, as well as in IXYS’ ISOPLUS packaging, which provides high isolation capability (up to 2500V) and superior thermal performance, it is claimed. Initial device offerings include the IXGP30N60C3C1, IXGH36N60B3C1, IXGH48N60B3C1, and IXGH48N60C3C1.

“Several years ago we pioneered the combination of our IGBTs with GaAs power rectifiers,” says Bradley Green, VP of international sales. “To further extend competitive advantage to our customers, the silicon content in these products can also be integrated in IXYS’ high-reliability module packages to create higher power density, reduced parasitic inductances and customer-focused solutions,” he adds.

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