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3 November 2009


Changelight receives Aixtron reactor for GaAs LED production

Aixtron AG of Herzogenrath, Germany says that in third-quarter 2009 it delivered an AIX 2600G3 Planetary Reactor deposition system in 49x2-inch wafer configuration to the new facilities of Changelight Co Ltd in Xiamen Torch Industry Park of Fujian Province, China for the production of gallium arsenide LEDs.

“The AIX 2600G3 system is well known for its capabilities in respect to the mass production of GaAs LED,” says Changelight’s CEO Deng Dian Ming. “We have been working closely with the local Aixtron support team before, and they have always been very responsive, thus we are looking forward to further good cooperation,” he adds.

Changelight is developing mass production of III-V-based optoelectronic devices. As well as acquiring the new equipment, the firm says that its technical team will be supported by new staff members from the USA and Taiwan.

Founded in February 2006, Changelight started mass production of red HB-LEDs after installation was completed in late 2006 for its first two AIX 2600G3 reactors (in 49x2” and 12x4” configurations). A third AIX 2600G3 system was delivered early in Q2/2007. Subsequently, in second-quarter 2008, Aixtron shipped two more AIX 2600G3 systems to Changelight for large-scale manufacturing of red, orange and yellow (ROY) ultra-high-brightness LEDs.

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