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3 November 2009


Plasma-Therm sells multi-module ICP etch system to III-V foundry

Plasma process equipment maker Plasma-Therm LLC of St Petersburg, FL, USA has announced the sale of a multi-module VERSALINE ICP production etch system to a major III-V foundry.

To meet capacity requirements, the system is configured with three chambers for gallium arsenide via etch processing, resulting in high productivity. The VERSALINE ICP modules also feature actively controlled source heating, which enables a stable process environment and reduces downtime due to maintenance. Additionally, the modules incorporate fully integrated EndpointWorks for accurate and repeatable endpoint process control.

“We are pleased to continue our expansion into the high-production sector and demonstrate our process performance and superior cost of ownership,” says Ed Ostan, executive VP of sales & marketing. “The modular approach of the VERSALINE platform offers versatility that meets customer requirements from R&D through high-volume production,” he adds.

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