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1 October 2009


Optrans orders Aixtron MOCVD reactor for InP opto devices

Deposition equipment maker Aixtron AG of Herzogenrath, Germany says that, in fourth-quarter 2008, Optrans Corp of Kawasaki, Japan ordered a CRIUS Close-Coupled Showerhead (CCS) MOCVD reactor, to be delivered in a multi 4-inch wafer configuration, for the production of indium phosphide-based optoelectronic devices including photodiodes and LEDs.

Simultaneously, Optrans will also receive an Aixtron Argus multi-channel pyrometer that allows real-time surface temperature measurement and analysis. The unique design allows monitoring of the thermometric distribution across the whole of the MOCVD growth surface in the CCS system, says Aixtron.

In March, Optrans acquired part of the InP microchip division of long-term Aixtron customer NTT-AT of Japan (including research, prototypes, patents, laboratory staff and customers). “We have considerable experience with the Aixtron CCS 19x2-inch wafer InP system that has given us excellent across-wafer and run-to-run uniformity at NTT-AT,” says Optrans VP Dr Gako Araki. “Its ability to use all kind of precursors enables even growth at low temperature, which is beneficial for the device.”

The CCS MOCVD reactor was ordered to support Optrans’ annual production target of 12,500 wafers by 2010, and should suit the development and production of new-generation InP photodiode and LED product ranges, Araki adds.

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