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7 October 2009


MOCVD equipment pioneer Holger Juergensen receives European SEMI award

Dr Holger Juergensen, co-founder of deposition equipment maker Aixtron AG, has been awarded the 2009 European SEMI Award, in recognition of his personal contribution to the Semiconductor industry. The award was presented at the SEMICON Europe Executive Summit, on 6 October 2009.

Juergensen received the award for his engineering vision and business drive in the early years of MOCVD technology development. Along with the other founders of Aixtron, he recognized the potential of the small R&D systems they were developing in the early 1980s. The equipment Aixtron has created since has played a significant role in the development of innovative compound semiconductor-based devices, such as LEDs, lasers, solar cells, and microwave transistors.

Presenting the award, SEMI said of Juergensen that he had played a pivotal role in the creation of the MOCVD industry, and had also laid the essential technical foundations for further diversification into adjacent technologies, including OLED and carbon nanotubes material structures.

“I am greatly honored to receive the award; however I also feel that it reflects all the hard work that the entire Aixtron team has put in over the last 25 years…” said Juergensen.
“I would like to recognize and underline the significance and contribution of the long-term cooperation we have enjoyed with our many valued European customers and partners in industry and research – including Gilbert Declerck of IMEC, who received this award just last year. Long term quality partnerships are what drive innovation and make possible the success that Aixtron and our European colleagues continue to strive for globally.“

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