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21 October 2009


Cree’s XLamp MX-6 claimed to be first lighting-class PLCC LED

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has extended its lighting-class products into PLCC LEDs with the commercial availability of the new XLamp MX-6. The firm says that the MX-6 LED offers the performance and reliability of its XLamp LEDs with enhanced light uniformity and low power consumption.

“With the addition of the XLamp MX-6 LED, we now have the most diverse family of lighting-class LEDs in the industry,” claims Paul Thieken, Cree’s marketing director, LED components. “The XLamp MX-6 LED can provide better design options for indoor applications, including under-cabinet, retail displays, LED light bulbs and fluorescent replacements,” he adds.

At a drive current of 350mA, the MX-6 LED provides up to 130 lumens for cool-white light and 107 lumens for warm-white light. Cree claims that it can also reduce luminaire and lamp manufacturing costs through an increased shelf life with reduced moisture sensitivity, and the industry’s smallest warm-white bins, enhancing LED-to-LED color consistency.

“The LED’s performance is striking, and Cree’s small bins make it easy for us to deliver a consistent product,” comments Sunny Tsai, CEO of LED light bulb maker TESS.

XLamp MX-6 LEDs are available through Cree distributors in a full range of white ANSI chromaticity bins.

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