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6 October 2009


Kyma completes custom crystal fabrication facility

Nitride substrate maker Kyma Technologies Inc of Raleigh, NC, USA, which supplies crystalline gallium nitride (GaN) and aluminum nitride (AlN) materials, says that it has completed its custom crystal fabrication facility and is ready to provide services.

The new fabrication capability leverages its recent acquisition of select assets including custom sawing and grinding and crystal alignment equipment from Caracal of North Carolina, which was formed last year following the chapter 7 bankruptcy of silicon carbide (SiC) substrate and epiwafer maker Caracal Inc. 

The equipment is currently dedicated solely to custom fabrication work and represents a significant addition to Kyma’s crystal fabrication capabilities. The Caracal equipment was acquired early in 2009 and was fully installed this summer. Engineers have now completed testing and calibration and have begun accepting new custom fabrication projects.

Kyma also offers custom computer aided design (CAD) capabilities that can stand alone or be combined with the custom fabrication service in the form of a concise electronic report complete with pictures and drawings. This enables customers to receive pictures and professional drawings of their product along with the fabrication service, with before, during, and after drawings showing how an intermediate product is transformed into a finished and/or shaped product. Kyma says that the report can be useful for customers to use in their own reports (e.g. for government-sponsored R&D projects).

The firm reckons that its custom fabrication services should be especially useful for development-stage companies involved in low-volume crystal fabrication. Kyma’s expertise is strong in hard crystals like GaN, AlN, sapphire, and SiC, but other crystals can also be fabricated.

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