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19 October 2009


LEDs to replace halogen lights in European surgical market by 2014

LED lights represented about 60% of European surgical light sales in 2009, but will completely overtake the market and represent 100% of sales by 2014 as hospitals replace halogen lights with much longer-lasting LED lights, according to the report ‘European Markets for Video and High-Tech Hardware Devices 2010’ from medical technology market research firm Millennium Research Group (MRG). Adoption will be accelerated in Europe, partly because European countries are more environmentally conscious than their US counterparts, the firm reckons.

As well as being more energy efficient and durable compared to halogen lights, LEDs emit less heat, making it more comfortable for surgeons operating on patients. Surgeons can also adjust the color of LED lights according to their preference. The emergence of new LED light competitors in Europe - such as Stryker, which launched the Visum LED surgical light in August - will further accelerate market growth by increasing promotion and the push toward adoption of LEDs (already started by firms including Getinge, BERCHTOLD, and TRUMPF).

“The movement toward LED surgical lights is a boon for the market, given the higher prices these devices are able to garner. On average, LED surgical lights are sold at a full 50% premium over halogens,” says MRG senior analyst Tiffanie Demone. “Demand for LED technology is also expanding in the market for endoscopic light sources, which supply the camera head with light at the surgical site,” she adds. “With the same benefits as surgical LED lights, endoscopic LED light sources will be a focus for development for more and more camera companies, which in turn will expand product variety and boost unit sales.”

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