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14 September 2009


Evatec and CORIAL cooperate on processes and platforms, as well as sales & service

Thin-film deposition and etch system maker Evatec Ltd of Flums, Switzerland (home of the Balzers BAK evaporator) and CORIAL SAS of Meylan, France, which was founded by employees of NEXTRAL and designs and manufactures RIE, ICP, HDP and PECVD plasma etching and deposition equipment, have signed an agreement to deliver processes and platforms for the optics, optoelectronics and semiconductor markets.

Among the first benefits will be the availability of CORIAL’s unique plasma technology capability on Evatec’s new Radiance cluster tool. The first Radiance, launched at Semicon Europa 2008 last October, has already been delivered to MiPlaza (Microsystems Plaza, part of the Philips Research organization at Eindhoven) and is suited to precision optics, optoelectronic, and semiconductor applications.

CEOs Andreas Waelti (of Evatec) and Marc Derbey (of CORIAL) commented that the agreement brought forward significant steps for both firms in meeting the demands of their many shared customers. “Our cooperation will extend far beyond addition of CORIAL’s plasma technology to Evatec's existing process platforms and we will build on the strengths of both companies to create a 'Thin Film Powerhouse' for high-performance processes,” says Waelti. “The new agreement means we can offer our customers seamless transition in process and production platform whatever their volumes in typical applications including sensors, displays and MEMS”.

The cooperation will also extend beyond technology, with the two firms strengthening their links through sharing a common sales and service organization in many markets around the globe.

*Evatec is launching a new-generation BAK Autoload system to increase wafer throughput and boost process yield.

With cassette-to-cassette handling for wafer sizes up to 8 inches, Autoload eliminates the manual handling of wafers traditionally required for mass-production evaporation systems, saving time, eliminating operator errors and reducing costs. Full wafer tracking of wafer position in the coating process gives the highest level of traceability and statistical process control, says the firm.

Autoload takes care of all necessary steps, including wafer alignment, handling between cassette and coater, and automatically recognizes and incorporates metrology or dummy wafers as required to complete a process batch.

Also, precise control of wafer handling and environment eliminates potential sources of damage or contamination, and an option for integrating a coating post-treatment module extends Autoload’s capabilities further.

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