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1 September 2009


Nanometrics’ founder & vice-chairman Coates resigns from board

Nanometrics Inc of Milpitas, CA, USA, a supplier of process control metrology systems primarily for manufacturing semiconductors, solar photovoltaics and high-brightness LEDs, says that founder & vice-chairman Vincent J. Coates has resigned from its board of directors.

Coates founded Nanometrics in 1975 and was chairman until July 2007. He developed the first NanoSpec tool as a general-purpose instrument targeted at bio-technology and industrial applications but, after some early applications wins in thin-film metrology for semiconductor devices, he quickly changed the target and focus of the business. Since the launch of the first NanoSpec 10, the firm developed multiple product lines addressing many aspects of process control and metrology for the semiconductor industry, while still supporting the original NanoSpec line for broader industry use.

In 1995, SEMI recognized Coates with a lifetime achievement award for his work in scanning electron microscopy. He currently holds more than 20 US patents.

“His contributions to the company culture and technology have been key factors that have contributed to Nanometrics’ success,” says chairman Bruce Rhine. “We look forward to his continuing contribution as a member of our Scientific Advisory Committee [which he has chaired since July 2007].”

Nanometrics adds that, effective immediately, Norman Coates has joined its board of directors (his third tenure on the board).

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