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16 September 2009


SemiLEDs launches high-power 365nm UV LED

SemiLEDs Corp of Boise, ID, USA, which manufactures high-brightness LEDs at its plant in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, says that it has become one of the few LED chip makers to supply high-power 365nm-wavelength UV LEDs with its launch of a 5-Watt LED packaged in a silicon casing in ready-to-use format.

The P5 UV LED is made using SemiLEDs’ patented ‘metal vertical photon’ MvpLED chips. These feature a copper-alloy base in a silicon casing with UV glass encapsulation, which allow for maximum heat transfer from the junction to the board or heat sink (crucial for optimizing the lifetime of the UV LED).

Furthermore, the P5 UV LEDs’ thermal management is combined with optics that facilitate designs using higher drive currents to maximize light density. With a very small physical SMT footprint, the P5 is designed for 5W operation or 1.5A drive current (suitable for applications such as polymer curing).

SemiLEDs says that UV LEDs have had a growing impact on a large and diverse group of market segments such as curing, currency/document verification, tanning, medical and sterilization applications. The benefits of UV LEDs over traditional mercury lamps are illustrated through their flexibility, compactness, cost effectiveness and absence of the pollutant mercury. The firm adds that, with UV LEDs poised to replace traditional UV lamps, a wide array of new applications is expected to further drive the UV LED market in future.

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