16 April 2010


Advantech Wireless Broadband uses GaN for high-density power amplifiers

Advantech Advanced Microwave Technologies Inc (Advantech Wireless Broadband) of Montreal, Quebec, Canada has launched a new range of solid-state power amplifiers (SSPAs) and block-upconverters (BUCs or SSPBs) that takes advantage of the compact size and light weight of using gallium nitride technology.

Advantech believes that its new G series of 50W, 100W and 250W products are the world's smallest Ku-band devices of their type. Due to the margins that their designers have been able to reserve between the operational and maximum specified parameters for the core devices (such as operating temperature and voltages), the reliability of the new products shows a much increased MTBF (mean time between failures), compared to equivalent gallium arsenide devices, of more than 80,000 hours.

“After much research and development, we can now say that we have harnessed the power of this technology and can deliver the benefits to our customers,” says president & chief operating officer Vagan Shakhgildian.

Advantech Wireless Broadband designs, manufactures and deploys networking solutions for broadband connectivity, broadcast solutions and backhaul requirements using satellite and terrestrial wireless communications. Products include: VSAT/DVB-RCS hub & terminals, SSPA, block-upconverters, frequency converters, satellite modems, mobile antenna systems, antenna controllers, PDH, Ethernet and SONET radios.

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