14 April 2010


Picometrix adds second shift for hybrid assembly of 40G products

Picometrix LLC of Ann Arbor, MI, USA, a subsidiary of Advanced Photonix Inc (which designs and makes silicon, InP- and GaAs-based photodetectors, subsystems, and terahertz instrumentation), has added a second shift for hybrid assembly of its 40G NRZ client-side, 40G DPSK and DQPSK lines of high-speed optical receivers (HSOR). The firm claims that it offers the industry’s most complete line of 40G high-speed optical receiver solutions for both client-side and line-side modulation formats, including NRZ, RZ, DPSK, DQPSK, ODB and DP-QPSK.

Picometrix also announced that it is shipping pre-production versions of its 100G line of high-speed optical receivers, incorporating the firm's patented photodiodes and proprietary amplifiers.

“Demand for voice, Internet, HDTV, and wireless requires increased bandwidth and increased speed including telecom infrastructure expansion for 10G, 40G and 100G requirements, and both 40G and 100G line-side products serve their respective market niche in the network infrastructure,” says president & CEO Richard (Rick) Kurtz. “100G line-side product adoption is being accelerated by demands to interconnect large data centers, like those at Google and Facebook,” he adds. “Traditional service providers are still in the early stages of evolving their networks to handle the demands of high-definition video and delivery of content anytime, anywhere. These next-generation wireline and wireless networks will require deployment of 40G and 100G to deliver this content, which is expected to grow annually by more than 25%,” Kurtz continues. “API’s addition of the second shift is in response to this increase in demand for our high-speed optical receivers.”

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