14 April 2010


Avago expands series of 3W common-footprint LEDs for solid-state lighting

At this week’s Light+Building 2010 show in Frankfurt, Germany, Avago Technologies announced the expansion of its series of energy-efficient 3-Watt high-power LEDs for solid-state lighting (SSL) applications.

With a compact footprint that is one of the most commonly used throughout the SSL industry and available in cool-white, neutral-white, warm-white, royal blue, blue, amber, red–orange and red colors, typical applications of the new ASMT-Ax3x Power LED include architectural lighting, retail display lighting and decorative lighting.

The ASMT-Ax3x provides high flux output of up to 113 lumens (lm) at a drive current of 350mA, and high light output uniformity with a wide viewing angle of 140º, making it suitable for backlighting of advertising displays, channel letters and contour lighting. A maximum allowable junction temperature of 135ºC provide lighting designers with more design flexibility.

The LED has high electrostatic discharge (ESD) resistance of 16kV, so special ESD protection equipment is not required to handle the LED during installation. The LED is also compatible with standard IR reflow soldering processes.

The ASMT-Ax3x is encapsulated in a heat- and UV-resistant silicone compound and also features a low thermal resistance of 10ºC per Watt (with direct heat transfer from metal slug to mother board), providing improved device reliability and extending operating life. In addition, the electrically neutral heat pad allows arrays to be connected on a common heat sink, simplifying thermal design.

ASMT-Ax3x LEDs are priced at $2.90 each in 1000-piece quantities.

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