1 April 2010


Cree announces Creative LED Lighting Design Contest winners

After seven months of competition, the first Cree Cup - Creative LED Lighting Design Contest for China university students, which is jointly organized by the China Association of Lighting Industry (CALI) and LED chip, lamp and lighting fixture maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA, has culminated in an award ceremony at the China LED Technology and Application Forum. Finalists' works were showcased in the ‘China Hotel Lighting Exhibition’.

Nearly 1000 students, representing about 100 universities in China, submitted hundreds of design entries, of which 50 were chosen for the final round of judging. Winners were chosen based on the following criteria: creativity, practicality, marketability, LED performance, artistic quality and energy efficiency. The judging panel consisted of LED industry experts, scholars and industrial design/lighting application experts.

First prize, including RMB20,000 (about US$3000), was awarded to Huang Jiongzhang, Du Weizheng and Ni Yujun of Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University for ‘Lighting to Share’, which uses a magnetic effect to form different lighting modes, emphasizing lighting effects and LED lighting features.

Second-place prizes, including RMB10,000 (about US$1500) each, were given to Jiang Lin, Liu Yanliang, Chen Shan and Zhenma Quzong of Tibet University and Gu Weiwei of Tongji University. Tibet University’s ‘Solar LED Multi-Functional Butter Lamp’ combines LED lighting and solar energy with traditional Tibetan lamp design, and includes integrated features like cell-phone charging. Gu Weiwei’s ‘Guang Ling’ is portable and uses sound control and LED features to meet the needs of the deaf or those hard of hearing.

Team advisors, professor Hao Luoxi of Tongji University and professor Yuan Zongnan of Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan, received special mentor awards for their efforts in supporting the students.

“The submitted works were not only highly creative but also functionally sound,” comments judging panel member Dou Linping (secretary general of the China Association of Lighting Industry). “As the LED lighting market continues to grow, we will need more and more talents in this field, and we will continue to offer platforms like this contest to students in order to facilitate their growth and knowledge,” he adds.

Excellence awards were presented by the organizing committee to all the finalists. “Our core objectives were to develop LED technology as the lighting source of the 21st century and to discover and motivate highly innovative and high-caliber LED design talents,” says Chris James, Cree’s VP of market development. “We are pleased to see such outstanding works submitted by undergraduates.”

Professor Zhan Qingxuan, a renowned scholar in the building lighting industry (and a PhD supervisor at the School of Architecture in Tsinghua University), praised the support that Cree had given to the students during the competition (involving instruction on the techniques of LED design and provision of LED components, to the funding of LED components).

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