8 April 2010


Daylight launches external-cavity quantum cascade lasers tunable over 250cm–1

Daylight Solutions Inc of Poway, CA, USA, which makes molecular detection and illumination systems as well as spectroscopic laser sources, has launched the Über Tuner series of broadly tunable pulsed external-cavity quantum cascade lasers (ECqcL), providing up to 250cm–1 or 1.6µm of continuous tuning in a single laser head. The complete series offers gapless coverage from 6.2 to 12.2µm.

Graphic: Just five Über Tuner  broadly tunable  lasers can cover the entire  6.2–12.2µm mid-IR spectrum.

Daylight’s previous generation of pulsed lasers is capable of guaranteed tuning ranges of 75cm–1, so Über Tuner represents a new standard in commercially available broad tunability in the mid-IR, says the firm.

Combining Daylight’s patented ECqcL technology and recent advances in broadly tunable quantum cascade (QC) gain media with the Über Tuner cavity allows precision tuning over the broadest wavelength range available to date, it is claimed.

“We are delivering on our strategic plan to expand wavelength coverage in evermore flexible packages,” says CEO/CTO Dr Timothy Day. “The Über Tuner is productizing performance that our customers have asked for again and again,” he adds. “We are pleased to make such broad tuning available as a standard product.”

The Über Tuner series of lasers will serve users working in stand-off detection, near-field microscopy, and hyperspectral imaging, as well as more traditional liquid- and solid-state spectroscopies, says the firm.

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