28 April 2010


OPEL Solar begins qualifying firms to build its product line in North America

OPEL Solar Inc, a subsidiary of OPEL International Inc of Shelton, CT, USA and Toronto, Canada, which makes high-concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) panels and other solar products, is qualifying a number of manufacturing firms to build its product line in North America.

OPEL Solar says that the manufacture of its HCPV panels and tracker products, with the support of firms in the United States and Canada, will not only ensure expeditious and cost-effective delivery of North American orders, but also contribute to the growth of jobs and the green economy. Furthermore, manufacturing in both Canada and the United States exemplifies OPEL Solar’s abilities to help its customers apply for solar incentives that require Ontario or U.S. job content, adds the firm. For example, with the Ontario feed-in tariff, OPEL Solar is compliant and ready to start on utility scale projects with primary suppliers aligned.

“The manufacture of OPEL Solar’s products in North America creates jobs and brings the ‘green economy’ to life,” said Francisco Middleton, COO of OPEL Solar. “With so many industries declining recently, solar power represents a bright spot with potential for significant growth for many years to come. OPEL Solar has been responsive to our customers and the solar market by being agile and ready for local content requirements that benefit economies.”

“On the ‘Greening of North America,’ we at OPEL Solar are very happy to work with local suppliers to provide for in-country manufacturing content,” said Ed Linke, director of Mechanical Engineering at OPEL Solar. “Working with a local company has many advantages, especially for the development and manufacturing of our products. We have challenged each supplier on price, quality, and delivery; and they are meeting that challenge.”

OPEL Solar is qualifying manufacturers in nine states of the USA. In Canada, the firm says it is ready with a number of suppliers in the Toronto area.

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