19 April 2010


Purespectrum launches its first LED-based product

Purespectrum Inc, a developer of new lighting technologies founded in Savannah, GA, USA in 2006, is launching its first LED-based product, a PAR38 mid-size reflector lamp certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and rated for 30,000 hours.

The PAR38 contains 42 LEDs and consumes about 9W of power to generate the same light output as a 75W incandescent bulb, making it applicable to outdoor use as a floodlight or indoor use for canned lighting. The suggested retail price is half the retail cost of comparable products from major brand names currently on the market, Purespectrum claims.

“Our goal has always been to introduce products and technologies which are in demand now and viable in the long term, and we cannot ignore the energy and cost savings offered by LED products for niche markets,” says director of product development Garth Kullman. “By identifying the right products, the right applications for those products and the right approach to marketing and selling those products, we are able to offer a diverse product line and gain entry into several segments of the energy-efficient lighting market which could provide the company with immediate access to additional revenue streams,” he adds.

The PAR38 joins PureSpectrum’s growing product portfolio, which includes multiple styles and wattages of dimmable compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), dimmable ballasts for linear fluorescent lighting and dimmable linear fluorescent fixtures.

PureSpectrum’s new PAR38 lamp will be on display at both the National Hardware Show and LightFair International in Las Vegas in May.

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