7 April 2010


Sensors Unlimited launches mil-hardened InGaAs SWIR video camera

At this week’s SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing (DSS) 2010 show in Orlando, FL (6–8 April), Sensors Unlimited Inc (part of Goodrich ISR Systems) of Princeton, NJ, USA is unveiling a new mil-hardened, uncooled indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) shortwave infrared (SWIR) video camera for military applications.

Small and ultra-compact, the high sensitivity SU320HX video camera is designed for use in rugged military imaging systems that are deployed and operate in harsh environments under extremely rugged conditions. Built on Goodrich’s KT camera platform, the SU320HX also includes the recently announced image enhancement functions for backward compatibility in existing applications.

SWIR imaging systems based on InGaAs technology have the capability to image through atmospheric obscurants, such as haze, fog, smoke, and dust, says Sensors Unlimited. This combines with the ability to image during daytime or nighttime, including ‘crossover’ hours at dawn and dusk, making InGaAs-SWIR video cameras especially useful for surveillance in manned and unmanned airborne and/or ground systems. Also suitable for surveillance applications and marine intelligence tasks, the SU320HX solid-state camera is smaller, lighter weight and consumes much less power than cooled mid-wave or long-wave infrared imagers and competing germanium-based IR cameras, claims the firm.

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