17 August 2010


Philips Lumileds places repeat order for multiple Aixtron G4 HT MOCVD systems

In Q2/2010, Philips Lumileds Lighting Company placed a repeat order for multiple AIX 2800G4 HT MOCVD reactors from Aixtron AG. The systems will be used in the manufacture of epiwafers for the firm’s LUXEON power LEDs.

Mike Pugh, chief procurement officer at Philips Lumileds, said: "We have carefully selected the Aixtron systems for our continuing capacity expansion program. As we are committed to meeting the needs of the illumination, automotive, and consumer electronics industries the new Aixtron reactors are an important part of that program. Our long-term successful relationship with Aixtron as a key supplier gives us confidence that we will receive the support that is needed for a quick installation and successful startup of the new tools."

Aixtron says that the systems will be shipped within the next 2-3 quarters, for installation at Philips Lumileds’ production facility in San Jose, CA.

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