9 August 2010


BluGlass commissions fifth-generation RPCVD system

BluGlass Ltd of Sydney, Australia, which has developed patented GaN-on-glass LED technology, has completed the design, installation and commissioning of its fifth-generation remote plasma chemical vapor deposition (RPCVD) system, combining the best features of the firm's prototype third- and fourth-generation tools.

Spun off from the III-nitride department of Macquarie University in 2005, BluGlass has developed a low-temperature process using RPCVD to grow materials including gallium nitride (GaN) and indium gallium nitride (InGaN) on glass substrates for the production of LEDs, with what is reckoned to be significant low-cost potential and inherent scalability.

Also, in May 2009, BluGlass said that it intended to develop high-efficiency group III-nitride solar cells as a supplementary market for its RPCVD technology. Construction of the new tool was enabled as part of the $4.95m grant awarded in June last year under the Commonwealth Government's Climate Ready program for its ‘High Efficiency Thin Film Solar Cell Project’.

“Not only is this the most advanced and flexible deposition platform that the company has installed to date, but importantly this new-breed RPCVD machine will enable our technology team to deliver optimal process control and, we believe, high-quality single-crystal material,” says chief technology officer Ian Mann.

BluGlass’ plant in Silverwater now has an additional 50% nitride deposition capacity onsite, with three RPCVD tools running concurrent programs aimed at optimizing the technology. “This will accelerate the development of RPCVD for commercial applications, in both the company's market streams — LED and photovoltaic (solar),” says Mann.

BluGlass reckons that demonstration of the new system should accelerate its technology roadmap and advance its discussions with potential strategic partners.

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