13 August 2010


Europe’s first all-LED industrial plant opens, using Cree XLamp LEDs

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA says that more than 100,000 of its XLamp LEDs have been used in all the interior and exterior lighting fixtures developed and installed by Dutch LED lighting firm LedNed in what is claimed to be Europe’s first all-LED industrial plant, a full-service consumer products packaging plant just opened in Etten Leur, The Netherlands that is owned and operated by Kompak.

“In building this new packaging facility, Kompak’s management wanted to demonstrate its commitment to the highest-quality production systems, while minimizing the plant’s environmental impact,” says André ten Bloemendal, commercial director of LedNed, which claims to be the only LED firm in The Netherlands with a KEMA CE certificate on its entire product line (with LEDs fitting all standard light fittings). The Led Lightline warehouse lighting developed for the project provides uniform illumination over all horizontal and vertical surfaces, which is important given Kompak’s nearly 14m-high warehouse ceilings, he adds.

Lightline features motion detection, daylight correction and other custom options to increase light availability in spaces where more light is required. Spanning 3500m, Lightline is fully integrated into the plant’s sprinkler system, doubling as emergency lighting should there be a power failure at the plant. Other LedNed products that were used include LedTube tube lights in office areas, as well as FlexiLightPanel LED panels and LedNed consumer bulbs throughout the facility.

According to Kompak’s project manager Steven Nijweide, the use of LED illumination throughout the plant has shown a 20,000kW-hr reduction in electricity usage compared with conventional lighting, translating into a nearly 135,000kg annual carbon offset. The lighting has also been configured to provide automatic, daylight-compensated, and optimal task illumination throughout the office and production areas.

Kompak’s facilities are designed for three-shift operation, making it imperative for the lighting fixtures to work with the building's automation systems. The LED-based luminaires have been easily integrated, creating responsive and functional lighting for employees whenever and wherever they are in the plant.

“Historically, high-bay illumination systems have been difficult to design and implement, given the lumen output required,” comments Paul Thieken, marketing director, Cree LED Components. “LedNed’s Lightline fixtures, featuring Cree’s powerful and bright XLamp XR-E and MC-E LEDs, are enabling the Kompak facility to take full advantage of the benefits of LED lighting,” he adds.

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