30 August 2010


Cree demos 150mm SiC wafers with micropipe densities below 10/cm2

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA, which makes LED chips, lamps and lighting fixtures plus gallium nitride and silicon carbide power-switching and RF/wireless devices as well as SiC substrates, says that it has achieved what it claims is a milestone in the development and commercialization of silicon carbide (SiC) technology with the demonstration of high-quality, 150mm-diameter SiC substrates with micropipe densities of less than 10/cm2. Cree's current standard for SiC substrates is 100mm-diameter material.

Used in the production of lighting, power and communication components (including LEDs, power switching devices and RF power transistors for wireless communications), the significant increase in size of single-crystal SiC substrates to 150mm can enable cost reduction and increased throughput, while bolstering the continued growth of the SiC industry, says Cree.

“We expect that 150mm substrates can reduce device cost, boost manufacturing output and expand our product range,” comments chief operating officer Steve Kelley.

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