3 August 2010


Emcore and San’an to form JV for terrestrial CPVs

Emcore Corp of Albuquerque, NM, USA, which makes components and subsystems for the broadband, fiber-optic, and solar power markets, and San’an Optoelectronics Co Ltd of Xiamen, China have agreed to form the joint venture Suncore Photovoltaics Co Ltd, for developing, manufacturing and distributing concentration photovoltaic (CPV) receivers, modules and systems for terrestrial solar power applications.

In conjunction, Emcore has agreed to grant Suncore an exclusive license to manufacture its current and future improved CPV receivers, modules and systems in China for terrestrial solar power applications.

San’an is the largest producer of LED epitaxial wafers and chips in China (with annual capacity of 650,000 wafers or 20 billion LED chips) as well as being involved in CPV manufacture and deployment. The firm is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and has a market capitalization more than US$3bn.

Owned 40% by Emcore and 60% by San’an Optoelectronics, Suncore’s chairman will be San’an Optoelectronics’ chairman Xiucheng Lin and the general manager will be Emcore senior VP Dr Charlie Wang. All operational activities and business for CPV receivers, modules, and systems currently residing at both San’an and Emcore’s Langfang, China manufacturing facilities will eventually be transferred to Suncore, and its primary manufacturing operations will be in Wuhu city, Anhui province of China. The economic development organization of Wuhu city has agreed to provide significant economic incentives, including land, subsidies, grants and other incentives.

Suncore will serve as Emcore’s primary low-cost/high-volume manufacturing base for CPV receivers incorporating its CPV solar cells, and for CPV modules and systems to support both Emcore’s and San’an’s worldwide sales efforts. Subsequent to the establishment of Suncore, it will start work on producing 12MW of CPV systems for San’an’s current customers and 2MW of CPV components for projects sourced by Emcore. Also, Emcore and San’an are pursuing multiple CPV project opportunities, including the 280MW solar energy plan in six western regions of China recently announced by the Chinese government.

“The formation of this joint venture represents a significant step in Emcore’s business strategy towards introducing CPV products for terrestrial solar power applications in one of the fastest-growing solar power markets,” says Emcore’s president & CEO Dr Hong Q. Hou. “By commercializing Emcore’s terrestrial Gen-III CPV systems through this low-cost manufacturing base, we believe Emcore will be in position to gain significant advantages over competing terrestrial solar technologies,” he adds. “Furthermore, the joint venture provides an ideal platform to penetrate China’s emerging renewable energy market.”

San’an is a “well established Chinese company that shares the same vision and passion for the CPV market”, says Hou. “Our joint venture with San’an will enable Emcore to leverage our existing resources, infrastructure and market presence to accelerate growth in the China and other global markets,” he adds.

“China is accelerating development and deployment of solar energy resources,” comments San’an’s chairman Xiucheng Lin. “The potential for CPV terrestrial systems over the next several years is enormous. Combining the advantages provided by San’an and Emcore, the joint venture will have the capability of high-volume and low-cost manufacturing, the most advanced CPV technology and continued innovation,” he adds. “Suncore will play a key role in accelerating the market adoption and deployment of CPV solar power.”

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