25 August 2010


IXYS claims highest-density, highest-efficiency MOSFET solution with SiC technology in isolated integrated package

Power semiconductor and module maker IXYS Corp of Milpitas, CA, USA and Biel, Switzerland has announced the integration of silicon carbide (SiC) technology and the latest super junction MOSFET technology into a single user-friendly package enabling increased power density and higher efficiency in fast switching power supplies and solar inverter applications.

“Currently the system designers in high-frequency, high-efficiency applications are forced to consider using separate discrete devices, often from different suppliers, complicating mechanical layouts and time to market,” says VP of international sales Bradley Green. IXYS says that its new MKE product range effectively integrates these technologies into one part, reducing parasitic inductance and its associated losses.

“Our patented ISOPLUS i4 package, with its proven ruggedness based on the internal DCB construction, enables the co-location of the MOSFET and SiC diode, thus also reducing real-estate requirements in power switching topologies that are getting far more focused on not only reducing power losses but also challenging the traditional restraints on power supply size,” says Green. “It has better thermal impedance with lower weight than alternative solutions that use a heavier copper lead frame and bulky modules,” he adds.

The first product in the MKE range is an ultrafast boost chopper which integrates a super junction COOLMOS CP MOSFET and a SiC boost diode into the ISOPLUS i4 package.

ISOPLUS technology gives the designer a discrete package with ceramic, direct copper bonded (DCB) isolation. This isolation has low thermal impedance and a higher reliability in power cycling than standard copper-based solutions and non-isolated products, IXYS says.

An example of the technology is the MKE11R600DCGFC, which integrates a 600V COOLMOS MOSFET and a 12A 600V SiC diode in boost chopper circuit topology, which is a common combination for power factor correction (PFC) stages in high-switching applications.

Because of the absence of minority carrier injection in SiC, there is no reverse recovery of the boosting diode, providing the highest efficiency with very low switching losses, claims the firm. The use of ISOPLUS packaging allows mounting of the MOSFET and boost diode very close together, minimizing stray inductance. Layout is designed to be user friendly, as the gate and source connections are located side by side and are easily accessible.

The combination of the COOLMOS MOSFET and SiC diode within the ISOPLUS packaging creates a high-power-density, reliable design that enables a reduction in total system size and power loss, claims IXYS.