16 December 2010

Cree launches High-Efficiency White LED to cut initial lighting fixture cost

LED chip, lamp and lighting fixture maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has announced commercial availability of XLamp XP-E High Efficiency White (HEW) LEDs. The new high-efficiency components extend the light output and efficacy of the XLamp XP-E LED family, enabling fixture designs that can use up to 50% fewer LEDs, which can help drive down costs for fixture and bulb manufacturers while delivering the same system performance, says Cree.

XP-E HEW LEDs are optimized to lower initial costs for diffuse lighting applications, such as LED replacement lamps and downlights (e.g. an A-19 lamp that uses XP-E LEDs could be re-designed to use half as many XP-E HEW LEDs while maintaining the same efficacy).

“One of the major barriers to LED lighting adoption and design remains upfront cost,” says Paul Thieken, director of marketing, LED components. “By enabling designers to use brighter, precisely optimized LEDs for each particular application, Cree is helping lower costs and further simplifying and shortening the LED fixture design cycle,” he adds.

XP-E HEW LEDs are the first high-power LEDs featuring Cree’s new Direct Attach LED chip technology, which delivers higher flux, lower forward voltage, and lower thermal resistance. “With 500% more die-attach area and an order-of-magnitude less die under-fill, Direct Attach technology is far more robust than any other LED flip chip technology in the market,” claims John Edmond, director of advanced optoelectronics. “These attributes, combined with the performance advantages of Direct Attach technology, can translate to brighter, more reliable lamps and fixtures, developed at a lower cost.”

XP-E HEW LEDs deliver up to 148 lumens in cool white (6500K) and 114 lumens in warm white (3000K) at 350mA. In addition to light output and efficacy improvements, they have a reduced thermal resistance of 6°C/W. XP-E HEW LEDs are available in the same white variations as XP-E LEDs, including Standard White, Outdoor White and 80-CRI White.

The new LEDs are available now in sample and production quantities with standard lead times. IES LM-80 data for measuring lumen maintenance of LED light sources, for XP-E HEW LEDs, is targeted for availability in February.

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