31 December 2010

Opto Diode offers US-made custom LEDs

In response to ‘numerous customer requests’, Opto Diode Corp of Newbury Park, CA, USA (a division in the Photonics Group of ITW), which makes standard and custom photodetectors as well as infrared and visible LEDs, is now supplying custom LEDs for a variety of applications.

The firm claims to be one of the largest domestic US facilities offering customized LED products, with all design, manufacturing and device testing performed in-house. Opto Diode can adjust the output, angle of emission, wavelength (from 365nm in the ultraviolet all the way to 940nm in the infrared), packaging, and the way the LEDs are tested, depending on customer requirements.

“High-quality, military and/or industrial-grade LEDs can be built and tested in-house to fulfill spec requirements, to ensure that the devices are exactly the way the customer wants,” says Opto Diode’s director of sales & marketing Russ Dahl. “No other custom LED manufacturer in the US has this capability, with this wide of a spectral range,” he claims.

From high output to industrial-grade LEDs, Opto Diode offers custom and standard LED products for the military, aerospace, medical, and scientific communities. Applications include airfield lighting, curing, fluorescence, machine vision, visual inspection (non-destructive testing, NDT), and microscopy.

Founded in 1981, Opto Diode Corp was acquired in October 2008 by Illinois Tools Works Inc (ITW) of Glenview, IL, joining in ITW’s Opto Electronics Group with fellow subsidiaries Lumex, which designs and manufactures user-interface technology (optoelectronic components, devices and displays), and Cal Sensors, which makes lead selenide (PbSe) and lead sulfide (PbS) infrared detectors, arrays and emitters.

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