14 December 2010

RFMD launches low-noise, high-output xPON video receiver IC

RF Micro Devices Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA has made available samples of the RFRX8888 video receiver, which performs transimpedance amplification of the differential input from a high-performance 1550nm optical wavelength photo-detector (PD) with what is claimed to be best-in-class low noise performance (<3.0pA/rtHz equivalent input noise current, typical).

The IC’s output is linear low distortion RF over an operational bandwidth from 48MHz to 1002MHz. Linearity is better than –63dBc CSO and –66dBc CTB at +23dBmV RF out per channel (79-NTSC analog channels and 75 digital QAM channels).

The RFRX8888 suits 1550nm optical wavelength RF analog or digital overlay video receive circuitry employed in xPON fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) optical network termination (ONT) triplexer and quadplexer modules. Its first stage features integrated on-die bias circuitry, simplifying external-to-IC end-product design and reducing board area and overall end-product assembly cost. Optimized for operation from a single +12VDC power supply with highly efficient power consumption of just 1.4W, it eliminates the need for a supplemental ONT power supply in most xPON (passive optical network) applications.

Features include 33dB AGC range with recommended external control circuitry, +23dBmV per channel/carrier RF output with no 4:1 transformer required, and what is claimed to be best-in-class MER (38.5dB minimum).

RFMD says that the RFRX8888’s ultra-low noise performance, combined with high output power, extends the performance and lifetime of wired networks by improving the link margin and/or allowing more passive optical splits.

Volume pricing for the RFRX8888 begins at $4.45. For FTTP applications requiring +5VDC power supply operation, the RFRX8890 video receiver is also available.

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