3 February 2010


Anadigics claims first high-efficiency device to cover entire 3.3–3.8GHz WiMAX band

Responding to growing global demand for mobile WiMAX services, Anadigics Inc of Warren, NJ, USA, which provides radio frequency integrated circuit (RFICs) for the broadband and wireless communications markets, has made available samples of a new, feature-rich power amplifier (PA), which is designed to boost the performance and efficiency of WiMAX transceivers (supporting mobile WiMAX systems using the IEEE 802.16e standard).

The firm claims that the AWT6283R (which uses InGaP HBT MMIC technology and is optimized for operation over a 500MHz bandwidth) is the first PA to deliver high linear output power (+25dBm) and high power-efficiency (21%) as well as consistent RF performance over the full 3.3–3.8GHz WiMAX frequency band. Low quiescent current increases transmit time and overall efficiency, while low leakage current in shutdown mode increases standby time and battery life.

Anadigics also claims the AWT6283R is the first 3.5GHz device that incorporates an impedance match on both the input and output RF ports, a built-in reference voltage regulator (eliminating the need for an external precision reference voltage), a power detector and a step attenuator (allowing use with any OEM's chipset). Its small, low-profile (4mm x 4mm x 1mm) surface-mount package is aimed to simplify design and save board space, suiting space-constrained mobile applications.

Anadigics says that the WiMAX market is continuing to gain momentum, with mobile devices all but displacing fixed-point equipment in new deployments. Commercial WiMAX networks, trial networks, and networks in development are increasing monthly. The WiMAX Forum currently tracks 523 WiMAX deployments in 147 countries, compared with 408 deployments at the end of 2008. According to market research firm In-Stat, new devices drive the market, with USB dongles and mobile PCs embedding WiMAX capability available now, and WiMAX-enabled cellular handsets available soon. Analysts expect steady growth in WiMAX handset sales over the next five years, particularly in emerging markets such as South America, Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia where the majority of deployments are already taking place.

“We’re expanding our product portfolio in the fast-growing WiMAX space to deliver the most efficient, high-performance components that ultimately improve the end-user experience,” claims Joe Cozzarelli, director of Anadigics’ Broadband RF product line. “The AWT6283R complements our existing line of WiMAX devices and offers the linearity, reliability, temperature stability and ruggedness that our customers demand.”

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