8 February 2010


Gain Microwave launches high-power 6GHz GaN HFET RF switch

Gain Microwave Inc of Ottawa, Canada, which develops gallium nitride (GaN) monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC) for wireless infrastructure, industrial and aerospace applications, has introduced the GMW1601 high-power GaN HFET RF switch (the first of five new GaN MMIC products to be introduced in the coming weeks).

The GMW1601 is a high-power broadband GaN HFET SPDT RF switch, covering DC to 6GHz, and offers high isolation and low insertion loss. Using a high-performance GaN process, the switch has the ability to operate in high temperatures and has an intrinsically high tolerance to harsh environments, suiting industrial, military and aerospace applications, says the firm.

Engineering units and evaluation boards are now available.

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