17 February 2010


GigOptix launches universal limiting TIA

GigOptix Inc of Palo Alto, CA, USA, which designs modulator and laser drivers and transimpedance amplifier (TIA) ICs based on III-V materials as well as polymer electro-optic modulators, has launched the GX3101, a high-performance universal limiting TIA for use in fiber-optic communication systems such as Fiber Channel, Ethernet, SONET transceivers and in wireless backhaul. The GX3101 is designed to enable one solution to support a variety of optical reaches, speeds and standards that require a limiting TIA.

Key features include:

  • bandwidth selection to support operation from 2Gb/s up to 11Gb/s;
  • high sensitivity, with 16kOhm differential gain to support reaches up to 80km;
  • AGC and DC cancellation circuitry to ensure high performance over a large range of operating conditions;
  • large output voltage swing, eliminating the need for a post-amplifier; and
  • low power consumption.

GigOptix says that the GX3101 helps to simplify ROSA (receive optical sub-assembly) manufacturers’ supply chains by enabling the use of one part to address a wide range of speeds, reaches and standards that have previously been addressed by different TIA solutions from multiple vendors. Also, the universal TIA allows cost efficiencies through combined purchase of the high-volume low-data-rate applications together with the smaller but growing segment of 10Gb/s applications.

“The GX3101 is being very well received by our optical transceiver customers. It was developed in close collaboration with a leading ROSA manufacturer to ensure that it would cover as wide as possible range of applications,” says Julie Tipton, VP marketing. “It is intended to help simplify our customers supply chain and to bring cost advantages, since we are able to offer attractive prices in high volume while not compromising on performance,” she adds.

“GigOptix initially developed the device for the Ethernet and Fibre Channel market segments, and we are now beginning to see significant demand for the device from 3G/4G wireless backhaul segment operating at 6Gb/s data rate,” Tipton continues. “This segment is moving to higher-capacity optical fiber implementations to satisfy consumer’s fast-growing demand for mobile audio and video services.”

“We recently reported that the transceiver market showed considerable improvement in the second half of 2009, with purchasing resuming in order to replenish depleted inventories,” comments Dr Vladimir Kozlov, founder & CEO of market research firm LightCounting LLC. “Datacom applications requiring Fibre Channel and Ethernet appear to be recovering the earliest,” he adds. In its September 2009 market forecast, Lightcounting projected that over 1.8 million 10G Ethernet and over 11 million Fiber Channel transceivers would be shipped in 2010.

The GX3101 is available now for sampling and will be in full production in Q2/2010.

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