8 February 2010


Hiden introduces Transient Mass Spectrometer

Hiden Analytical Ltd of Warrington, UK has introduced its Transient MS system for the analysis of fast transient gas events at pressures near atmosphere.

The benchtop system is founded on Hiden’s HPR-20 QIC series gas analysers and features a fast response capillary inlet and the HAL/3F PIC mass spectrometer with pulse ion counting detector. The combination enables inlet system response times of less the 150 msec with measurement speeds of up to 500 data points per second over an entire 7 decade dynamic range, says the firm.

Transient MS monitors species with molecular weights to 300 amu, with higher mass ranges available for specialist applications. The MASsoft control and data acquisition program provides ease of operation with integral calibration routines together with user-programmable template files for automatic operation of routine analyses.

Multiple I/O's permit integration of external parameters such as temperature or flow rates, and control of external equipment with species-specific pressure level sensors.

Application areas include pulsed gas experiments for catalyst characterisation, surface reaction and reduction studies, respiratory analysis, process control and, with high-speed rotating multiport valve, and spacial gas distribution.

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