1 February 2010


Jordan Valley launches HR-XRD tool for LED & compound semi quality control

X-ray metrology tool maker Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd (JVS) of Migdal Haemek, Israel has launched the QC3, a high-resolution x-ray diffractometry (HR-XRD) system for controlling production quality at LED and compound semiconductors fabs.

Adding to the HR-XRD product line that JVS acquired in 2008 with Bede Scientific Instruments Ltd of Durham, UK (which became Jordan Valley Semiconductors UK Ltd), the QC3 was developed on the basis of Bede’s industry-proven QC200 and D1 systems. JVS says that optimizing both the hardware and software has improved the new system’s performance for higher productivity and system reliability, and reduces both cost of ownership and system price by tailoring the functionality to the user’s specific needs.

“The new QC3 HR-XRD production tool demonstrates JVS’ commitment to LED manufacturing metrology solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ technical and cost of ownership expectations,” says president & CEO Isaac Mazor. “Customers are looking for accuracy, repeatability, low cost of operations, ease of service and excellent price/performance - and our QC3 system delivers all of these requirements,” he claims.

“By optimizing the configuration to the specific market-segment needs, the QC3 meets our customers’ process technology needs at outstanding price/performance ratio,” says corporate VP & UK site manager Dr Paul Ryan. “With our field-proven and popular control and analysis software tools, such as RADS, our customers enjoy the ease of operation with outstanding accuracy and repeatability that are key for today’s demanding compound semiconductors process control tasks,” he adds.

The QC3 has been configured to provide symmetric and asymmetric measurements for all common semiconductor wafers, such as GaAs, InP, Si, and GaN (thick buffers). Additionally, skew symmetric measurements are possible on the same hardware, to allow additional capability for GaN wafers in particular. These reflections allow the thickness, composition, relaxation and strain of multi-layer structures to be determined. Custom sample plates can be defined with locations for multiple wafers, along with large translation ranges, in order to maximize productivity by loading batches of wafers at once into the tool. Using JVS’ knowledge of in-line metrology, the full measurement cycle can be automated for multiple wafers within a batch, with results reported to the factory. Analysis is performed through RADS, which is claimed to be the oldest HR-XRD analysis package (proven in industry and academic institutions alike).

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