1 February 2010


Seoul Semiconductor launching 100lm/W LED

South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd is to start mass production of what it claims is the first 100lm/W AC LED light source in first-quarter 2010 (available for sampling by March), offering 25% greater efficiency than existing LED light products.

“Acriche now has up to ten times the efficiency of incandescent bulbs and greater system-level performance as compared to generic DC LEDs,” claims Seoul Semiconductor vice president S.M. Lee.

Like other products in the firm’s main Acriche product range of AC-driven semiconductor light sources (which operate directly from an AC power supply), the new 100lm/W LED needs no AC–DC converter, and is hence more energy- and cost-efficient than DC LEDs. Additionally, it generates less than a tenth of the carbon emissions of an incandescent bulb (key to meeting new regulatory standards in markets worldwide).

Seoul Semiconductor says that it is in the process of carrying out investment activities, active R&D, and marketing promotions to boost the supply of Acriche in the USA and to raise consumer awareness of the benefits of LED technology, and has so far invested nearly $20m (with plans to expand investment further in the future). The firm adds that it is making a particular effort to apply Acriche’s patented technology in multiple lighting applications through continual R&D for dynamic product evolution.

The annual global market for LEDs exceeds $5bn, and is expected to grow at more than 24% per year. Seoul Semiconductor expects Acriche to appeal to the US market, where the race to instill ‘green’ lifestyle practices has intensified, the firm says, resulting in increased numbers of lighting systems being replaced or upgraded with LED solutions.

Anticipating continued robust US demand for Acriche, Seoul Semiconductor says that it is dedicating foundry resources to ensure that supplies of the product are readily available.

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