10 February 2010


TriQuint outlines RF portfolio expansion for end-to-end connectivity

RF front-end device maker TriQuint Semiconductor Inc of Hillsboro, OR, USA has outlined its portfolio expansion strategy to deliver a broad range of high-performance products enabling end-to-end connectivity.

With RF innovation never having been more critical (as service providers race to expand network capacity to handle explosive demand from not only mobile phones but also new genres of mobile devices), the firm will exhibit a range of its latest RF solution for OEM customers at next week's GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain (15–18 February).

“Insatiable demand for always-on connectivity is impacting the entire wired and wireless ecosystem,” said president & CEO Ralph Quinsey at the recent Needham Growth Conference while outlining TriQuint's opportunities for 2010. “Today’s handsets are very sophisticated and include voice, data, video, location services and wireless connectivity options. To support these feature-rich mobile devices, network operators are expanding capacity, re-architecting infrastructure design, increasing 3G base-station deployments, accelerating 4G planning and upgrading the backhaul transport,” he adds. “TriQuint has developed a broad product portfolio that services these growing markets.”

Shipments of mobile devices (including cellular handsets, mobile Internet devices, netbooks, mobile consumer electronics products, and cellular modems) will nearly double to a total of 2.25bn before 2015, forecasted ABI Research in December. TriQuint reckons that this represents an enormous opportunity for it to expand its total addressable markets by providing its broad RF solutions portfolio for mobile devices and networks.

“Device OEMs are tasked with providing rich solutions with long-lasting battery and strong, clear connections,” says Quinsey. “Network operators are expected to deliver large amounts of data quickly and error free. 'Green'-conscious regulators, consumers and providers are looking for efficient systems to mitigate the impact on our environment,” he adds. “Innovative technology solutions are required to meet these industry-wide challenges and reduce the footprint of our modern communications systems.”

Earlier this month TriQuint announced the TriPower high-efficiency solution for 3G/4G base-station power, as well as the TRITON PA module family (its latest solution for 3G WEDGE mobile phones), and a new HADRON II PA module. TriQuint has also recently exceeded shipments of more than 100 million units of its CuFlip technology and WiFi technology for smartphones. TriQuint says that these represent a small portion of its overall portfolio of end-to-end communications solutions, and augment the recent expansion of its optical, cable and radio broadband solutions. The latter include:

  • Optical Amplifiers: With networks at the breaking point, carriers are upgrading from 10Gb/s to 40 and 100Gb/s. TriQuint is developing higher-speed and wider-bandwidth network solutions with lower power consumption for operators worldwide. The TGA4943-SL 40Gb/s SMT driver meets the growing appetite for ‘greener’, high-efficiency data transport systems.
  • Triple-Play Cable Solutions: To meet consumer demand for bandwidth to the home, operators are upgrading equipment to provide fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and DOCSIS 3.0 for cable TV systems. Bolstered by its recent acquisition of TriAccess Technologies, TriQuint says that its cable and FTTH portfolio offers telecom triple-play providers the solutions needed to competitively optimize their network speed, spectrum management and deep fiber approach.
  • The TriPower family of power devices for 3G/4G wireless base-stations helps network operators address the explosive demand for higher data rates by enabling high-linearity and high-efficiency power amplifiers.
  • Point-to-point radio: With high-capacity backhaul networks demanding linear power, the TGA2706-SM is a new 5.5-9GHz PA that supports the increasingly complex modulation schemes typically required by next-generation backhaul radios.
  • Mobile devices: Consumers are buying both converged multi-purpose devices as well as best-in-class single-purpose mobile devices, increasing the total available market. TriQuint says that device makers are leveraging its RF solutions across a range of standards including GSM/EDGE, CDMA, WCDMA, GPS, WLAN/Bluetooth and LTE to provide connectivity to mobile phones and e-readers, gaming and other personal media devices. The new HADRON PA module and TRITON PA module family offer a full 3G WEDGE radio solution for leading chipsets, says TriQuint.

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