28 January 2010


3S demos reliable high-power pulsed operation of 1064nm wavelength-stabilized diode lasers

During a technical presentation at this week’s SPIE Photonics West 2010 event in San Francisco, 3S Photonics of Nozay, France demonstrated reliable high-power pulsed operation of its 1064nm wavelength-stabilized diode lasers.

Most pulsed fiber lasers are built on a master oscillator – power amplifier (MOPA) architecture, says 3S. This configuration has the advantage, among others, of exploiting direct modulation of the diode laser seed (the MO) to reach high repetition rates and high peak-power pulsed operation. To enhance the fiber laser’s global performance and reliability, high-power single-lateral-mode 1064nm diodes with outstanding long-term behavior are needed. However, the reliability of these devices at high power has been a challenge for years, due to the high built-in strain in the quantum well (QW), says the firm.

“The 1064nm single-lateral-mode laser diodes developed by 3S Photonics have demonstrated state-of-the-art reliability results, in both continuous-wave and pulsed conditions exceeding 1W peak-power at 2.35A,” claims Yannick Bailly, VP of marketing & product lines management. “Aging tests in continuous-wave conditions prove the intrinsic robustness of our 1064 CHP seed laser modules even at very high junction temperatures, while specific tests in pulsed operation at 45ºC and high repetition rates of several hundred kHz confirm the stability of the devices in accelerated conditions representative of operating applications,” he adds.

Both free-running and wavelength-stabilized — using a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) — packaged devices show very stable performance under pulsed conditions, the firm adds.

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