12 January 2010


Avago’s light guide film technology cuts number of LEDs for mobile backlighting

For backlighting mobile applications such as cell phones, handheld games and GPS applications, Avago Technologies of San Jose, CA, USA has announced ultra-thin, high-brightness light guide film (LGF) technology, which aims to reduce the number of LEDs needed to illuminate backlit keypad applications without compromising brightness and light uniformity.

As mobile handsets have incorporated more capabilities and functions, the user interface of mobile handset devices and keyboards has become more cluttered and complex for the end user, says the firm. To address this, Avago has developed patented Graphic Fusion Multimode Exchangeable (G2MEX) technology to solve the issues of complexity and congested icons on keypads and keyboards. This backlighting solution allows key characters to be overlapped and selectively illuminated. The illumination areas are also transparent to each other – an area will be invisible when it is not backlit. Avago says that G2MEX suits phones with MP3 players or any multi-function handset, especially those with capacitive sensing keypads.

Conventional backlight solutions use six or more top-firing LEDs but, with a light guide, just two side-firing LEDs are necessary to backlight display icons uniformly, says Avago. With fewer LEDs, the system can use less power, require less printed circuit board (PCB) area, and have a longer battery life.

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