25 January 2010


Camtek launches inspection system for LED manufacturing

Camtek Ltd of Migdal Haemek, Israel, which makes automatic optical inspection (AOI) systems for printed circuit boards, high-density interconnect substrates, and semiconductor manufacturing and packaging, has launched the Condor 5LED, a new AOI system focused on the variety of specific requirements that are unique to LED makers.

The LED market’s inspection requirements are characterized by 3–6 inch wafers, each of which may contain from 100 to over 200,000 LEDs per wafer. The defect specifications and unique inspection process of customers raise a significant challenge for AOI suppliers to solve, says Camtek.

Camtek has already been addressing the needs of this market for more than two years and has designed solutions on a per-customer basis, built into existing platforms. Up to now, the firm has installed six such systems in three countries. “Throughout the past year, we have been benchmarked a number of times against competitors, and we have been chosen as the ‘tool of choice’ several times,” claims general manager Roy Porat. The Condor 5LED incorporates this experience into a single solution targeted at the LED market.

“We are optimistic with regard to this segment in 2010,” says Porat. “Given indications for significant growth from our customers in the LED market, we aim to grow our business with the Condor 5LED in the coming quarters and years.”

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