7 January 2010


Luminus launches RGB LED chipset for ultra-mobile projectors

Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, which makes solid-state light sources for illumination applications (including high-definition TVs, video projectors, avionics displays, and lighting systems), has launched a new PhlatLight (Photonic Lattice) LED available in a surface mount package (SMT). The SBT-16 is designed to bring new levels of efficiency and performance for personal and ultra-mobile projectors (an emerging class of miniature projection devices with sizes of typically 150–400cm3). These accessories may include digital media players and can connect to portable devices such as PDAs and notebook and netbook computers to provide a large display experience.

The SBT-16 chipset includes separately packaged red, green and blue LEDs that are each 1.6mm2 with a 16:10 format, suiting illumination of 0.2–0.4” imagers with wide formats such as WVGA, 720p or 1080p resolutions. As with all PhlatLight LEDs, the SBT-16 is matched to the system architecture to deliver optimum system efficiency in a compact form factor (essential for personal projectors).

“We expect the pico and ultra-mobile projector market to grow to 3.4 million units by 2012,” says Mike Fisher, convergence and new technologies consultant at market research firm FutureSource. “The introduction of higher-brightness projectors enables new usage models and brings further versatility to this category, both of which are critical requirements for this market to materialize,” he adds. “By taking the pico hand-held accessory category to new performance levels, PhlatLight LEDs are an essential technology enabler for the category, and Luminus is poised to expand its current leadership in projection displays to this consumer-driven category.”

“Pico projectors can now display larger screen sizes and can be used in higher ambient lighting conditions, which make them more practical and valuable both in consumer and business applications,” says Stephane Bellosguardo, director of product marketing for Luminus’ display business group.

The SBT-16 integrates with standard SMT manufacturing processes and equipment, and is now sampling to lead customers.

Luminus appoints sales managers in US, Europe and Asia

Luminus has appointed John Rimbos as national account manager, responsible for developing and managing distributor accounts, as well as allied sales administration activities. “We have been successful to date partnering directly with many of the world's largest purchasers of LEDs,” says president & CEO Keith TS Ward. “We now have an opportunity to achieve growth through established distribution channels. John’s experience is a fine addition to our current capabilities,” he adds.  

Prior to joining Luminus, Rimbos was district manager for billion-dollar distributor Crescent Electric Supply, where he developed and implemented sales and marketing strategies. He also has extensive experience with General Electric. 

Luminus has also appointed Robert de Jonge as sales manager for Europe, based in The Netherlands and responsible for identifying and developing strategic accounts throughout the region. “Luminus is experiencing rapid growth in Europe and our customer base is broadening every day,” says Ward. “Having Robert on-site will improve our responsiveness to new opportunities.”

Prior to joining Luminus, de Jonge was marketing director for NXP Semiconductors in Eindhoven. He also has experience with Philips in lighting and medical products. 

Luminus has appointed Robin Hung as Asia regional sales manager, based in Taiwan and responsible for identifying and developing strategic accounts. “Luminus LEDs are well suited to the display lighting market, as well as other emerging applications,” comments Ward. “Asia’s rapid growth presents us with a great opportunity, and Robin will give us a major presence in the region.”

Prior to joining Luminus, Hung was sales director for LedEngin, and general manager for Telegent Technology. He also has experience with Conexant Systems, Future Electronics, Hewlett Packard, and Siemens.

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