14 January 2010


Mitsubishi launches record 500mW red laser for pico projectors

Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Electric Corp has launched what it claims is the world’s highest-output-power 638nm-wavelength red laser diode (LD), making it suitable for pico projectors and other portable display systems that require a high-brightness red light source. Samples of the ML520G72 (costing ¥50,000) will begin shipping on 1 February.

Pico projectors have recently attracted increasing attention, being embedded in or connected to mobile systems such as cell phones and laptop computers to create a large-area display capability in a small battery-powered terminal. LEDs and laser diodes are mainly used as the light source because they can project a wider range of colors compared to lamp-based projectors. Compared with LEDs however, laser diodes deliver higher output power with less power consumption, enabling batteries to last longer. They also enable focus-free operation, because optical systems with great depth of field can be used with laser beams.

After only in January 2009 launching a 638nm laser with what was then record output of 110mW (operating in continuous-wave mode), in July the firm launched a 638nm laser with 300mW output, high brightness and pure red tone. The latest laser now offers higher output power of 500mW, which helps to achieve high-luminous projectors of up to 60 lumens (lm). By comparison, LED-based projectors typically offer only about 10lm. In addition, the new laser has an what is claimed to be an industry-leading electrical conversion ratio of 32% at 500mW and at a case temperature of 25ºC, which helps to reduce power consumption in pico projectors.

Supplied in a standard 5.6mm-diameter CAN package, the ML520G72 can also be operated at a temperature range of –5 to 40ºC when emitting 500mW CW, and up to 50ºC under pulse operation at a duty ratio of 25% or less and a frequency of 50Hz or higher. At a CW output of 500mW, operating current is 680mA and operating voltage is 2.3V. The threshold current is 170mA.

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