18 January 2010


Oclaro doubles power output of Orion fiber-coupled diode lasers

At Photonics West 2010 in San Francisco, CA (23–28 January), Oclaro Inc of San Jose, CA, USA is unveiling its latest Orion fiber-coupled laser diode, which it claims is the industry’s lowest-price/highest-performance 8xxnm fiber-coupled laser diode. The firm reckons that the Orion is half the size and 1.5x the brightness of competing fiber-coupled diode laser products in its category, delivering output power of 30W at 808nm and 35W at 880nm wavelengths, with 95% of the light contained within a 0.15NA (numerical aperture) from a 200µm core diameter fiber (twice the output power of the previous Orion family product).

“Until now, there has been no product to effectively serve the mid-power fiber-coupled market with the right level of brightness, low cost, robustness and reliability,” says Scott Dunbar, general manager of Oclaro’s High Power Laser Diode portfolio. “The Orion platform is designed to meet all of these needs and allows DPSSL [diode-pumped solid-state laser] systems to maintain their competitive edge against fiber laser systems.”

The latest Orion is the first integrated product resulting from Oclaro’s acquisition last July of Newport Spectra-Physics’ high-power laser diode business. By combining technologies in device design and proprietary E2 facet passivation from Oclaro’s facility in Zurich, Switzerland with packaging technologies from the Spectra Physics wafer fabrication plant in Tucson, AZ, USA, the high-brightness Orion platform delivers what is claimed to be unmatched performance and reliability.

Oclaro says that Orion suits DPSS laser, direct-diode medical and industrial materials processing applications that demand higher power and brightness, lower cost and smaller form factors.

In particular, claims the firm, the form-factor design allows the design of smaller solid-state lasers at lower cost and with more functionality. Also, advanced hermetic packaging improves the robustness and reliability of the package. The Orion platform’s ‘mini-bar’ design produces what is claimed to be unparalleled brightness of >1.5mW/cm2*sr, facilitating new architectures and easier system tolerances.

Oclaro says that, with this latest fiber-coupled diode laser, it now offers two next-generation product platforms to serve the entire mid-power fiber-coupled market segment. Orion suits the sub-40W market, while the Prosario platform addresses the 40W+ market, resulting in what is claimed to be the industry’s most extensive product range of high-brightness, fiber-coupled diodes.

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