25 January 2010


Oclaro boosts 808nm single-emitter pump module to 7W

At this week’s Photonics West 2010 exhibition in San Francisco, Oclaro Inc of San Jose, CA, USA, which makes optical components for industrial applications, is unveiling a fully qualified, uncooled 808nm single-emitter pump module that delivers a minimum of 7W from a 200µm core fibre (1W more than the previous version), designed specifically to meet the increased power and reliability demands of Nd:Yag solid-state lasers used in the material processing and medical markets.

Now in full volume production, the module includes the latest-generation multimode 808nm pump laser chip (from Oclaro’s facility in Zurich, Switzerland) that has undergone a rigorous 5000hrs accelerated life test under various test conditions and, when operating at increased power conditions, reached life-times of more than 200,000hrs mean time to failure (MTTF).

“Our new single-emitter modules allow customers to upgrade their existing systems with increased power and reliability without the prohibitive cost of changing pump source footprints and internal design configurations,” says executive VP & division manager Yves Le Maitre. “This will enable customers to quickly and cost-effectively get to market with higher-performing products and underscores Oclaro’s commitment to continually achieve higher levels of performance and functionality,” he adds.

The new 808nm module is built on the same hermetically sealed package platform for single-emitter fiber laser pump modules, enabling high-volume, scalable and cost-effective manufacturing, the firm says. Devices are also available as a chip-on-submount or chip-on-C-Mount.

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