25 January 2010


Oclaro launches 60W 8xx nm fiber-coupled diode for next-gen solid-state lasers

At this week’s Photonics West 2010 exhibition in San Francisco, Oclaro Inc of San Jose, CA, USA, which makes optical components for industrial applications, is launching its next-generation Prosario fiber-coupled diode platform, combining core technologies from the firm’s worldwide design facilities.

Delivering up to 60W at wavelengths of 8xx nm (40–60W at 808nm; 50W at 880nm) from fiber diameters of 400-800µm in an industry-standard footprint, Prosario delivers higher power and brightness than competitive products, Oclaro claims. Also, with a detachable fiber and optional aiming beam, it is suitable as a quick and easy drop-in solution for system upgrades (without the prohibitive cost of changing system architectures). In addition, an electrically isolated package allows ease of integration into different system designs.

Similar to the Orion, the Prosario platform is a highly integrated product family resulting from Oclaro's acquisition of Newport Spectra-Physics’ high-power laser diodes business. By combining technologies in device design and proprietary E2 facet passivation from Oclaro's facility in Zurich, Switzerland with packaging technologies from the Spectra Physics wafer fabrication plant in Tucson, AZ, USA, Prosario fiber-coupled diode delivers what is claimed to be exceptional performance and reliability at a lower price.

The Prosario platform was designed specifically to meet the cost, reliability and performance requirements of the DPSS (diode-pumped solid-state) laser and direct-diode medical and materials processing markets. It delivers brightness of 0.56mW/cm2*sr from fiber core diameters of 400µm with a 0.22NA and 600/800µm with a 0.11 NA (numerical aperture). Also, next-generation precision micro-optics technology and optimized thermal management at the package output enable operation at higher powers with increased reliability, the firm says.

“Oclaro is now able to serve the entire mid-power fiber-coupled market segment with the Prosario platform addressing the 40W+ market and our recently announced Orion platform [also launched at Photonics West] meeting the needs of the sub-40W space,” says executive VP & division manager Yves Le Maitre. “By providing the most comprehensive family of high-brightness fiber-coupled diodes in the industry today, our customers will be able to better serve their markets with the right level of performance, reliability and cost needed for the target application,” he adds.

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