18 January 2010


RASIRC launches Steamer ‘02 for transition from R&D into production

Steam purification firm RASIRC of San Diego, CA, USA has introduced the RASIRC Steamer ‘02, the next generation of its ultrapure steam generation and control technology.

The firm claims that its existing RASIRC Steamer is the only technology to generate ultra-high-purity (UHP) steam from de-ionized (DI) water. Users have obtained improved oxide growth rates, film quality, and reduced operating costs. The Steamer can be used in the semiconductor, MEMS, solar, and optical device industries, where thermal oxide films are an essential feature.

“The Steamer ’02 was developed to meet the move from R&D to production for our solar and semiconductor customers,” says president Jeffrey Spiegelman. “This unit allows customers to run the new generation of five stack furnaces and get the same result every time, both run-to-run and tube-to-tube.”

The new Steamer introduces several features:

  • an additional control loop for the heated steam process line between the steamer and the tool;
  • an integrated flow meter for improved repeatability, flow accuracy, and response time;
  • a reduced footprint and simplified installation through addition of an internal three-way valve; and
  • improved tracking of flow rate and energy use through an updated user interface.

The Steamer technology allows the use of DI water for critical processes by removing volatiles, ionic contaminants, and other impurities from steam. Yield is increased because metals, hydrocarbons, and particles are rejected by the non-porous membrane to deliver pure steam. Throughput is increased with continuous unattended 24/7 operation and up to 20% improvement in growth rate, the firm claims. Compared to pyrolytic torches, there is no thermal build up with increased flow rate, it’s safer (as hydrogen and oxygen are eliminated from the oxidation process), it operates at significantly lower temperature, and it handles a wide range of pressures and flow rates, says RASIRC.

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