13 July 2010


Taiwanese foundry opts for Aixtron next generation QXP-8300 ALD deposition tool

In Q1/2010, deposition equipment maker Aixtron AG of Aachen-Herzogenrath, Germany has received an order for its QXP-8300 ALD deposition tool from a Taiwanese foundry. The order, to be delivered in Q2 this year, is for a 300MM system for the deposition of next generation high-k materials by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD).

Dr Sasangan Ramanathan, Aixtron’s CTO, said: “This order validates the uniqueness of our patent protected TriJet precursor delivery methodology for next generation high-k materials for high volume manufacturing.”

Aixtron says that the QXP-8300 combines IP protected innovations in showerhead and vaporization technologies that will become more critical for successful chip manufacturing in the increasingly challenging sub-30 nanometer generation devices.

Dr Bernd Schulte, Aixtron’s COO, added: “A tool order from a Taiwan foundry not only validates technology but also the mass-production pedigree of the QXP-8300. With the lowest CoO and CoC versus all competing tools the QXP-8300 delivers a much needed solution to the technical challenges of depositing advanced high-k materials without compromising on productivity.”

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