14 July 2010


Millimeter-wave backhaul adoption accelerating

BridgeWave Communications of Santa Clara, CA, USA, which supplies point-to-point outdoor Gigabit wireless connectivity solutions, has announced rapid acceleration in deployments of 60–70–80GHz millimeter-wave systems in 2009 and 2010. According to EJL Wireless Research’s market report ‘Global Digital PTP Radio Market Analysis and Forecast, 2009-2014’, the overall 60–70–80GHz market increased 46% globally from 2008 to 2009 even as the overall point-to-point (PTP) microwave radio market fell almost 11%. Growth accelerated into 2010, as demonstrated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 70/80GHz registration data, which grew over 400% compared to 2009. Together, these data points confirm the growing trend among both network operators and enterprise companies alike in leveraging the benefits of millimeter-wave systems to expand network capacity and coverage, says BridgeWave.

BridgeWave maintained its place as the leading global supplier of 60–70–80GHz millimeter-wave systems for 2009, according to the EJL Wireless Research report. In first-half 2010 its market share expanded further to 68%, according to FCC 70/80GHz registration data. BridgeWave credits this to its products' carrier-class feature set, performance, and high reliability (as required by network operators).

“The evolution of mobile networks is a key driver for millimeter-wave high-capacity radios as operators and service providers look to enhance their networks to manage consumer demand for more bandwidth,” says president & CEO Amir Makleff. “Data-hungry devices such as smart phones and netbooks have highlighted the importance of high-capacity backhaul as operators look to alleviate network congestion,” he adds.

“The overall point-to-point (PTP) microwave radio market declined by 10.9% in 2009, however a bright spot in this segment was that shipments of 60–70–80GHz millimeter-wave radios increased by 46%, with BridgeWave leading that segment of the market for the third year in a row,” notes EJL Wireless Research founder & president Earl Lum. “As next-generation networks require significant increases in backhaul capacity, we anticipate that mobile will be the largest application market for these 60–70–80GHz products.”

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