20 July 2010


Cree claims most color-consistent LEDs via smallest warm- and neutral-white color bins

LED chip, lamp and lighting fixture maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has added what it claims are the industry’s smallest warm-white and neutral-white color bins to its multi-chip XLamp MP-L and MC-E EasyWhite LEDs.

The firm says that this offers a single two-step MacAdams ellipse bin per color temperature, optimized to achieve incandescent-like color consistency and eliminating the need to purchase multiple small bins and perform complex color mixing.

“This innovation gives the lighting community a simple solution to a previously challenging issue — combining lighting-class LED efficacy with traditional incandescent color consistency,” says Paul Thieken, Cree’s director of marketing, LED components. “Providing our customers with Cree’s EasyWhite technology in smaller, single bins can lower their cost and potentially speed time-to-market,” he adds. 

Picture: Two-step MacAdams bins, situated in the large ANSI standard bins, showing EasyWhite XLamp chromaticity regions for MP-L and MC-E LEDs.

Cree says that EasyWhite binning is a unique feature of its lighting-class multi-chip LED components that enables the specification of a particular color temperature and lumen output, simplifying LED system design and improving LED-to-LED color consistency. Each bin, at the intersection of the black-body locus and standard warm/neutral correlated color temperature (CCT) points, is 94% smaller than the respective ANSI C78.377 quadrangle and 75% smaller than current Cree EasyWhite bins.

XLamp MP-L and MC-E LEDs with EasyWhite two-step bins are offered in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K and are available in sample and production quantities with standard lead times.

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