1 July 2010


OIPT expands ‘Oi Service’ customer support

UK-based etch and deposition equipment maker Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology (OIPT), a subsidiary of Oxford Instruments plc, has expanded its ‘Oi Service’ customer support offering (launched last December) with the introduction of a wide range of new services and products.

New Flexible Support Agreement Packages and Spares Kit Packages have been designed with the aim of giving customers the ability to choose levels of system support tailored to their requirements. Due to its broad customer base, OIPT recognizes that customers have varied requirements, so the new packages enable the customer to personalize their support, saving unnecessary costs that are inevitably factored in to ‘standard’ packages.

The varied new Upgrade range aims to save energy, time and improve the functionality of Oxford Instruments' systems already installed. These include the energy- and gas-saving Dry Pump Standby Mode, a Gas Pod upgrade offering extra flexibility, improved end-pointing capabilities, an upgrade to OIPT Cryo Tables, and a whole range of Control System upgrades.

“We recognize that our customers want ongoing system process improvements, benefitting in greater productivity, cost reduction or scientific advancements,” says sales & customer support director Mark Vosloo. “As a result, the company’s policy of continuous product development has resulted in a growing range of system upgrades designed to extend the life of customer systems and add new functionality.”

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